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Every day, people miss the opportunity to secure a mortgage on the house that they really want.Cold feet is what holds some people back, prodding them to put off submitting a bid on a house that they've settled on. If too bad a case of cold feet strikes, people could lose the chance to not only buy a great house but the right house for years.

Too much patience could hint at unfortunate reluctance

If you're getting cold feet and starting to talk yourself out of bidding on a house that you just know is right for you, your reluctance might be due to:

  • Reluctance to enter the realm of change - Moving to a new house does more than change your immediate environment. Moving into anew house introduces you to different people which can, in turn, set off more change.
  • Fear that you won't be able to make the mortgage payments for 10 or more years, especially if you change jobs.
  • Feeling like buying a house means that you'll have to own the house for many years.
  • Concern that the house will need repairs that you don't know how to make.

Second thoughts about buying a house make perfect sense. It's smart to face each concern, as they could reveal areas of your finances and social life that you need to address. Just take action soon. It can improve your finances, a step forward that has a positive impact on your investments, retirement and travel opportunities.

Waiting too long could backfire

The sooner you take action, the sooner you could lower your reluctance to buy the right house at the right price. Let the reluctance remain and you could:

  • Have no choice but to buy a less valued house at a higher price
  • Miss out on the chance to buy a well built house at a time when you could see the house's value increase by more than $25,000 within five years
  • Lose the chance to buy a house and have the seller pick up the entire closing costs
  • Be forced to pay higher mortgage interest rates
  • Experience a lifestyle change that presses you to buy a house quickly, costing you the chance to save money or live in a neighborhood you love

The right house at the right price is a rare find

Rows of houses go on for blocks in major cities. House assortments are also plenty,ranging from one story, multi-level, brick, stone, townhouse and row house styles. All of these houses gives the impression that you can always find the right house at the right price.

Yet, that isn't the case. Getting a great deal on the right house isn't like buying your favorite pair of shoes. Even in great economies, it can be hard to find a house that's located close to work, large enough to accommodate your entire family and in good, working condition. Let this chance go by and you might have to wait years before the opportunity crosses your path again.