Welcome to Exeter – one of the most beautiful historic towns in New Hampshire. located in the seacoast area of Southeastern New Hampshire, with a year round population of nearly 15,000 residents.  Exeter has a diverse housing mix, and a diverse population mix, with a combination of seniors, young families, and millenials that call Exeter home.

Exeter is ideally situated 50 miles North of Boston, MA and 50 miles south of Portland, ME along Interstate 95.

Exeter is home to many beautiful natural resources; including Fort Rock Farm, the Exeter/Squamscott River, Swasey Parkway, the Oaklands and Henderson-Swasey Town Forests, Raynes Farm, the Jolly Rand Trail, and the Dolloff Conservation Easement.  Exeter has a series of wonderful trails for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

Exeter enjoys the four seasons with flowers in the spring, beach weather and local festivals and farmers markets in the summer, beautiful fall foliage and a beer and chili festival in the fall, and of course the classic New England winter!

In addition to natural beauty, Exeter is also a community with an amazing history. Exeter served as New Hampshire’s Revolutionary War Capital.  The American Independence Museum on Water Street is caretaker of one of the rare original versions of the Declaration of Independence, which was found in the wall during a renovation in 1983!  Abraham Lincoln gave a speech at the Exeter Town Hall located at 9 Front Street in 1860, five years after its opening, as part of his ‘Cooper Union’ speaking tour.  Lincoln’s son Robert, attended Phillips Exeter Academy.  George Washington an overnight in the Folsom Tavern, located today on Water Street, on his way through Town.  Exeter also routinely attracts presidential candidates during the New Hampshire Primary season every presidential election cycle and many candidates have spoken at various venues in the community over the years.

Exeter is also a community dedicated to a high quality of life and education.  The public school system, part of the SAU16, is consistently rated among the best in New Hampshire.  It is also home to Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the premier preparatory institutions in the world.  PEA has a number of famous graduates who have left their mark in all walks of life.

Residents of Exeter also appreciate the historic downtown, stores and restaurants, and the Downeaster, which includes a stop in Exeter and travels from Brunswick, ME to Boston, MA, every day.  Drive through Exeter each day and you’ll see busy streets, with people running, walking and biking — just to get out and enjoy what the town has to offer;  community events year round, including a farmer’s market and annual fireworks as part of the annual Independence Museum Festival.  There is also the great Beer and Chili Festival on beautiful Swasey Parkway held the first Saturday in October.  Check the community calendar and you’ll find something for just about everyone.

Welcome to Exeter

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